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Blackberry Jam - BIO - 220g

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Organic Blackberries Jam - 220g

Sweet yet tart, blackberries have impressive health benefits that go well beyond their yummy taste. They are packed with vitamin C, high in fiber and they are a great source of vitamin K and manganese. Blackberries consumption may boost brain health, helps support oral health and others.

The Mica Ilinca blackberry jam brings the benefits of this great fruit in an organic, pectine free and delicious desert. The use of the whole fruit gives it texture and the slow cooking process preserves the taste and the color of this wonderful fruit.

Eat with bread or crackers and it's also a delicious topping on pancakes, muffins or cakes. 

About Mica Ilinca products

All Mica Ilinca products are made with natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives or any other artificial substances. 

Many ingredients such as wild mushrooms, berries, pine blossoms and others are handpicked from the forest or wild flora. The others are carefully sourced from natural agriculture suppliers. The delicious taste reflects the high-quality fruit or vegetables that grew without rush or any industrial enhancing methods, in wilderness or in a natural farming environment.

Focus on health

Jams or spreads are slow cooked, on wood fire stove, at the minimum temperature that is safest possible, in order to preserve vitamins, flavor and color of fruit or vegetables. All oils used in making the Mica Ilinca products are cold pressed.

Recipes without compromises

You will not see in any of the Mica Ilinca products the usual “filling” ingredients that a lot of commercial brand use for diluting the product and their costs. If it’s jam, is usually two ingredients or less: fruit and sugar. If it’s a savory spread, the main ingredient on the label will also have the most volume in the jar.

Specification Description
Free of Preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients, pectine
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