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Linden and Mint Tea - BIO

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Linden & Mint (Tei & Menta) Tea 

15 pyramid tea bags

Linden tea is mostly known for its agreeable taste. The tea can be consumed hot or cold and has a strong sweet and floral flavor that many people find delicious.

Linden and mint teas have been also valued for their medicinal properties for hundreds of years. In folk medicine across cultures, linden tea has been used to relieve high blood pressure, calm anxiety, and soothe digestion. While peppermint tea is often drunk for its flavor, it may also have several health benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Linden Tea

  • May promote relaxation
  • May help fight inflammation
  • May reduce mild pain
  • May have diuretic effects
  • Linked to lower blood pressure
  • May help you sleep
  • Soothes your digestive tract

Benefits of drinking mint tea

  • May ease digestive upset
  • May help relieve tension headaches and migraines
  • May relieve clogged sinuses
  • May improve energy levels and reduce daytime fatigue
  • May fight bacterial infections
  • May improve your sleep
  • May enhance your concentration
  • May help with seasonal allergies

Adding linden and mint tea to your diet is easy. Given that it can promote relaxation and sleep, it may be a good idea to drink a cup before bedtime. You can enjoy on its own or with a wedge of lemon and dollop of honey.

Specification Description
Ingredients Organic linden and mint
Free of Preservatives, additives, GMOs, artificial ingredients, added sugar
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